Efficient Gas Fired, Condensing Combination and System Boilers

Looking for efficient gas fired and condensing combination or system boilers? Look no further than Viessmann gas heating systems. All Viessmann gas fired combination and system boilers exceed Sedbuk minimum efficiency requirements by utilising efficient condensing technology. This helps to save costs and protects the environment.

Easy to install, simple to use and economical to run, we offer efficient gas boilers for many types of installation, all of which utilise innovative technologies for the efficient use of fossil fuels.

Condensing boilers

The various features of our condensing boilers include Cylinder Loading Systems (CLS), Lambda Automatic Combustion Control and Dynamic Burner Cycling.

Our efficient gas boilers utilise Cylinder Loading Systems (CLS) and can ensure a continuous supply of hot water on demand. A standard bath (140 litres) for instance, can be filled up in around 8 minutes with a quick heat recovery of less than 5 minutes.

While Lambda Pro Automatic Combustion Control ensures consistently high energy efficiency and dynamic burner control adjusts the burner firing duration according to the seasonal heating requirements to increase efficiency and operational wear and tear.

All Viessmann gas fired condensing boilers exceed Sedbuk minimum efficiency requirements

  For family homes. New build and modernisation

Combination boilers

Ideal for installation in apartment buildings stretching over several floors, combination or combi boilers are the most popular type of boilers for gas central heating and domestic hot water.

Simple to use and install, combi boilers are economical to run as they only heat water when a hot tap or shower is turned on. Making them ideal for use in apartment blocks, combi boilers are space saving as there is no need to have a tank or a hot water cylinder.

For ease of use, several of our combination boilers are equipped with the award winning and user-friendly Vitotronic control units which features weather compensation capability with 7-day programming as standard and can be sited up to 5m away from the boiler.

Inox-Radial Heat Exchanger

At the heart of all of our wall-mounted Vitodens condensing boilers is a corrosion-resistant, high alloy stainless steel heat exchanger designed by us, called the Inox-Radial Heat exchanger.

Key to outstanding efficiency, the Inox-Radial Heat Exchanger ensures our boilers provide proven reliability and a long service life.

Made for high-grade stainless steel, Inox-Radial Heat Exchangers are durable, self-cleaning and are guaranteed for 10 years against corrosion.

Modulating MatriX pre-mix burner

In combination with the Inox-Radial Heat Exchanger, the Modulating MatriX cylinder burner will ensure high-energy efficiency and long-term heating convenience.

Environmentally-friendly technology developed by us in 1994, the Modulating MatriX pre-mix burner uses thousands of tiny flames instead of one large flame and distributes heat cleanly and efficiently, while its stainless steel MatriX mesh ensures long-term reliability.

With a modulation range of 1:4 the heat demand is optimised and maximum effi ciency levels are achieved.

Emitting extremely low NOx and CO emissions, the MatriX cylinder burner either meets or exceeds all international clean air regulations and guidelines, and was awarded the Business Award for the Environment.

Wall-hung high efficiency boilers

Vitodens 200-W

Vitodens 200-W Combination and System

Gas fired condensing boiler. Rated output 3.2 kW to 35 kW

Vitodens 100-W Combination and System

Gas fired condensing boiler. Rated output  7.4 kW to 35 kW

Vitodens 100-W Open vent

Vitodens 100-W Open vent

Compact gas fired condensing boiler. Rated output 7.9 kW to 35 kW

Vitodens 100-W P25/P29

Wall hung gas fired combination boiler. Rated output  5.9 kW to 29 kW

Vitodens 111-W DHW Storage Combi

Wall hung gas fired condensing boiler with integrated DHW cylinder. Rated output 6.5 to 35kW

Floor standing high efficiency storage combination units

Vitodens 242-F Solar DHW Storage System

Vitodens 242-F

Gas fired condensing solar DHW storage boiler. Rated output 3.2 kW to 26 kW

Vitodens 222-F

Gas fired condensing DHW storage boiler. Rated output 3.2 kW to 35 kW

  For larger buildings. New build and modernisation

Wall-hung high efficiency boilers

Vitodens 200-W

Vitodens 200-W

Gas fired condensing boiler. Rated output 17 kW to 150 kW
Vitodens 200-W can be cascaded up to 900 kW