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We service all makes of Boilers old or new

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be fatal and is caused by faulty or poorly maintained appliances. It is vital that you get your boiler and gas appliances inspected and serviced regularly to make sure they are working as safely and efficiently as possible. At AJ CLIFF Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd we have a wealth of experience working on anything from a floor standing 40 year old boiler right up to todays modern condensing boilers. When you have your boiler serviced you can rest assured we are sending an engineer and not a salesmen, all of our engineers have years of experience servicing, repairing & installing boilers

We use all the latest technology, which is calibrated annually to ensure that your boiler is working safely but also efficiently. We have access to all manufacturers instructions and work closely with Gas Safe to ensure any updates are implemented.

A boiler service starts from £50 + VAT depending on the type of boiler.

As Gas Safe recommend a boiler service is done every 12 months we can even send you a letter each year to remind you that your boiler is due for its service.

What will the engineer do during the service?

Unknown Gas tightness test to make sure there are no leaks on the pipework
Unknown A flue test to ensure there are no unsafe emissions from your boiler
Unknown Inspect your boiler and controls to make sure they are operating safely
Unknown Strip the boiler down and clean the heat exchanger and check for any signs of corrosion
Unknown Check appliance case and seals (Room sealed appliances) for damage and correct assemble.
Unknown Check sealed system (if fitted) is at correct pressure
Unknown Check for correct ventilation to the room containing the appliance
Unknown Leave a safety checklist with you with information about the boiler safety check

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